Things I love

Laughter with friends, flying gliders, dancing, nuits blanches and lost weekends, photography, great food...

Big pictures

Portraits, trips to far-flung places (like Nepal, and Cornwall), landscapes, gliders and pretty things, taken with my trusty Nikon.

The Ice Hotel

Breathtaking scenery caught during a week at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle.


A selection of photographs from various trips including Venice, Iceland and another trip to the simply spectacular Ice Hotel.


A short distillation of one of many trips to the legendary Carry On Regardless free festivals in Wales.


My favourite designer likes this - it took ages to phrase what I was trying to say!

Pepi's of Camden

A collaboration with two seriously nice people, Pierre Odendaal and true hair innovator Carlos.


Started as Jason Holland's and my joint home page, which won a Cannes CyberLion in its heyday. Head-Space is sadly mostly fallen into disrepair now.


Biro on canvas, a piece I really enjoyed creating.

Full on

Ruth's collection of photographs of the trance, free festival and London underground party scenes in the mid-nineties.

Pop-ups My love

Blog and articles

I write for a wide variety of strategy, marketing and creative magazines. I write a blog for BrandRepublic, and have a blog of my own which carries copies of most of my articles. I'm also on Twitter.

Early articles

A short selection of early articles and speeches about new media written between 1994 (when I started my first digital agency) and 2001.

Felix Velarde

I'm lucky enough to love what I do.
I run Underwired
Which is the leading eCRM agency
My CV's on LinkedIn.